Polk SWCD Annual Meeting

You’re invited to Polk SWCD’s Annual Meeting. We would love to see you there. Come celebrate the accomplishments of the district over this past year and learn about our future plans and goals.

Polk SWCD’s Annual meeting will take place on August 21st 2014 at 5:30 p.m.

The meeting will be located at Seabreeze Farms: 7145 Perrydale Rd, Amity, Oregon, 97101

Check back for driving directions and parking location. They will be up soon! There will also be signs as you approach the property guiding you to parking.

Please RSVP  by August 1st so we can make sure there is food available for you. (click here to RSVP)

Ergates spiculatus

 Ergates spiculatus

Ponderous Pine Borer Beetle

Have you seen these recently?  The Ergates Spiculatus Beetle, or Pine Sawyer Beetle,  loves coniferous forests like Doug Fir or Ponderosa Pine.  They come out around dusk, are about two inches long at maturity, can be brown or black, and have armour like wings.  According to Dave’s Garden, “they are the largest beetle in Western North America.  Larvae excavate large tunnels within the sapwood and heartwood. Although detrimental to the logging industry, they are a naturally occurring element of western forest ecology. Larvae significantly help to speed the deterioration of dead trees. Trees killed by fire or infestation or other insects are often mined at the base by the Pine Sawyer, making them fall quickly. This helps to deter forest fires. The feeding habits and form of the larval mandibles gave a logger the idea for the modern chain saw. Their life cycle lasts several years. Adults emerge in July and August.”
Read more: http://davesgarden.com/guides/bf/go/645/#ixzz38Dk2kh2v

Oak Conservation Workshop for Private Landowners

oak 544x400  Oak Conservation Workshop for Private LandownersLocation: Powell Residence, 2550 Stiles Road, Dallas, OR 97338

Date: July 31st

Time: 1:00-5:00 PM

Cost: Free of charge

Download the Flyer:  Oak Conservation Workshop July 2014


The Northwest Natural Resources Group (NNRG) and Willamette Partnership are interested in connecting with Yamhill County landowners who have oak woodlands. As we all know, there are few financial incentives to preserve this type of habitat even though the aesthetic values are high. The two aforementioned groups are hoping to develop a market and incentivize preservation of oaks while at the same time forming a “working group” of private landowners who are actively managing and/or restoring oak habitat.

Oak woodlands and oak savanna, once widely distributed across the valleys of western Oregon, are now the focus of important restoration and conservation efforts. Several federal and state agencies as well as private landowners are investing substantial amounts of money and resources on conservation. Are these efforts working? How do we know?
Northwest Natural Resources Group and Willamette Partnership are two organizations interested in supporting landowner-driven strategies around oak conservation. We are hosting a one-day workshop to provide landowners with information on some of the opportunities and tools available for application in oak restoration work.
Workshop purpose:
• Introduce landowners to tools they can use to quantify oak habitat quality, as well as monitor and evaluate change in habitat quality over time
• Provide background for why ecological quantification is important
• Share lessons learned from landowners engaged in oak restoration on private lands in the Willamette Valley
• Introduce landowners to the work of Northwest Natural Resource Group and Willamette Partnership.
Target audience:
Private landowners engaged or interested in oak habitat restoration on their property.

What next?
Let us know if you’re interested, and share with your friends!

Nicole at maness@willamettepartnership.org, (202) 384-8992
or Meagan at meagan@nnrg.org, (503) 545-8685

Soil Health Workshop

soil Soil Health Workshop

Wednesday July 9th, 2014   1pm – 5pm
Chemeketa Eola Viticulture Center – Merlot Room
215 Doaks Ferry Rd NW, Salem, OR 97304

Cost: $10 at the door

Space is Limited!
RSVP by calling the Polk SWCD (503)623-9680 or email marc.bell@polkswcd.com.

Download the Flyer!!