May 22 – FREE Pesticide Container Collection Event in Dallas!

IMG_1785-533x400There is NO preregistration required for empty containers. 

You can drop off clean, dirt and residue free, triple-rinsed plastic containers for FREE!

The containers will be recycled through Agriplas, Inc. For triple-rinse procedures, go here.

All size containers up to 55-gallon capacity plastic drums can be accepted.

May 22nd at the Polk County Public Works: 820 SW Ash, Dallas, OR. 8am – 2pm

Thanks for helping to keep these chemicals out of our landfills and water!!!


Do you have questions about the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP)?

CREP Flyer 2015Who is CREP for?

  • Landowners who have a perennial or seasonal stream running through or bordering their property.
  • Landowners with weed dominated stream banks and/or erosion concerns.
  • Landowners who want to establish native trees and shrubs and improve the aesthetics of their property.
  • Landowners who want to attract more wildlife and pollinators.

What is the purpose of CREP?

The Oregon Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) was created in 1998 by a unique partnership with the USDA and the state of Oregon. CREP’s objective is to establish healthy riparian buffers on agricultural land.  Healthy Riparian Buffers:

  • Create shade to keep streams cool for native fish
  • Provide leaves, twigs, and logs for aquatic insects and fish habitat
  • Provide habitat for wildlife species
  • Stabilize and protect soil from scour erosion
  • Reduce downstream flooding
  • Protect water quality by filtering potential chemical contaminant

With contract terms of 10 to 15 years, participants receive financial incentives and technical assistance, in exchange for establishing and maintaining riparian buffers.

Download the Polk SWCD CREP Flyer 2015

Visit the USDA CREP page HERE!

Community Outreach Coordinator- Job Listing

Opening Date: May 4, 2015 until filled                                              

Anticipated Starting Date:   As soon as possible

Position: Community Outreach Coordinator Compensation: $13-$16 an hour DOE. 

Average work schedule is 18 hours a week. 

Benefits: package available, annual & wellness leave, PERS retirement plan

This is a part time, at-will, non-exempt position with the Polk Soil and Water Conservation District (the District) in Dallas, Oregon, with the potential to be a full time position if the candidate has the experience and ability to apply for and obtain additional funds for the position.  The District’s mission is to encourage voluntary, non-regulatory stewardship of our county’s soil and water resources.  We provide educational and technical guidance and planning for our landowners and the general public.  The Community Outreach Coordinator will provide educational outreach to land managers in line with the District’s Long Range Business Plan that is directed toward conserving natural resources, and develop partnerships with local government entities, private businesses, and the general public to fulfill this mission.

Required Abilities and Experience

  • A bachelor’s degree in Education, Natural Resources (NR), or related field with major course work in agricultural sciences, natural resource management (NRM), and/or communications. A relevant amount of work experience in adult ag/conservation outreach will be considered as an alternative.
  • A minimum of three year’s work experience coordinating outreach in agricultural or natural resource management or environmental conservation fields. Volunteer experience may substitute for paid work experience.
  • Excellent oral and written communications skills and public speaking experience.
  • Must be proficient with Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, and must have the ability to adapt to changing software needs and use audio/visual equipment.
  • Ability to work with and manage a volunteer base.
  • Must be organized, self-motivated, able to coordinate a varied schedule, and able to actively build on existing programming.
  • A Valid Driver’s license and current automobile insurance that meets minimum Oregon requirements. Although the District has a stick shift truck, use of the employee’s own vehicle may be necessary at times (reimbursement is based on mileage).

Desirable Experience and Abilities

  • Additional training or certifications involving NRM; such as Master Woodland Manager, Master Gardener, 4H program mastery, etc…..
  • Working knowledge and/or background with small farms, livestock, grasses, forage, forestry, or agricultural crops.
  • Fluency in Spanish
  • Knowledge of Polk County’s historical land uses

Please email: or call 503-623-9680 ext. 110 for the full description and an application package…….  

or Polk SWCD Application & Community Outreach Coordinator 2015

Interviews will begin the first week in June 2015…..

Remember: No Spray Buffers!!!

SalmonBuffersOutreachNo-spray buffers along designated salmon-bearing waterways in Washington, Oregon and California are currently required for pesticides containing any of the following active ingredients:

bromoxynil, carbaryl, chlorpyrifos, diazinon, malathion, methomyl,metolachlor, prometryn, and 1,3-dichloropropene.

The attached graphic file is designed as a quick reference for pesticide applicators, and is a reminder that buffers are required specifically for salmon and steelhead protection:

The graphic has live links that get people to the EPA Salmon Mapper site, which is a great reference for figuring out exactly where the buffers apply. Links to the state pesticide regulatory agencies are also provided.

These buffer zones will remain in place for carbaryl, chlorpyrifos, diazinon, malathion, and methomyl until EPA implements any necessary protections for Pacific salmon and steelhead based on reinitiated consultations with the National Marine Fisheries Services. Buffer zones for the remaining four chemicals will remain in place until final Biological Opinions are completed.